Got talent? We're hiring!

The future looks promising and we’d like to grow a bit.

We’re a small studio and we like to stay not big, but there’s still room for a few more.

You work with, or a combo of:

Modern webb/mobile development – front and/or back-end

Somewhat relevant expressions: React, Node, Git, GraphQL, Go, Swift 3, Postgres, Lottie, Svgsus, MongoDB, Heroku, AWS, Caching, git pull -r origin master, let’s go nuts – machine learning.

Super hands on UX – rather prototyping than reports

Everyday work life: Wireframes, Flowcharts, Big ideas, Tiny details, Presentation, User journeys, Svgsus, Multi screen behavior, Graph paper, Drawing a square and an arrow, Export to png.

Design – ui of course and ideally content as well

Lorem ipsum: Sketch, Illustrator, And yes still Photoshop sometimes, Crafting, Circular, Svgsus, Large file sizes, Border color #f2f2f2, Or border color #f0f0f0, ⌘ z.

General requirements

You are obviously passionate about building digital products. Besides your digital skills, we’d also like you to have a few years experience*, be self-driven and humble.

We're all for work and play, but time away from work is still very important to us. Our don’t-stay-late culture, 3pm Fridays and extra vacation are some benefits of working at Department.

Females would be great to balance the team, but we welcome all candidates.

Please send us a few lines to start the conversation.

Apply now: [email protected]

*Internship applications are also very welcome.

It's a good day!
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