Come join our studio.

We're a small studio and we'll stay not big, but there's still room for a few more.

This isn't our actual studio. Just a cozy cabin on Iceland. Photo: Jonatan Pie

We currently need more hands and brains on the back-end side of things.

We love multi-talents. You might be a hybrid, server and client side?

You're someone who want to solve problems and figure out how to build systems which provides ways to create great user experiences.

Our stack varies, and evolves, depending on the project. But we do enjoy working in Go, Javascript, Ruby, Python, GraphQL, Swift and, of course, a sprinkle of SQL here and there. There's no requirement to master them all but familiarity is a bonus.

We host our projects on platforms we deem appropriate, recently we've been using Digital Ocean, Heroku, AWS and GCP. Preferably you have experience with many or mastery of a least one of them.

General requirements

You are obviously passionate about building digital products. Besides your digital skills, we'd also like you to have a few years experience, be self-driven and humble.

We're all for work and play, but time away from work is still very important to us. Our don't-stay-late culture, 3pm Fridays and extra vacation are some benefits of working at Department.

Women would be great to balance the team, but we welcome all candidates.

Please send us a few lines to start the conversation.

Apply now:

Bjurholmsplan 24, 116 63 Stockholm

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