Hyper Island

UX & design for the school of tomorrow

UX & design partner to Hyper Island

Hyper Island design learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

To continuously improve digital platforms and products, Hyper Island appointed Department UX and Design partner in 2016.

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A snaphot of continuous work.

Removing friction from course registration.

Easy-to-use job posting tool for companies with upsale oppportunities.

Reducing friction to increase conversions

A good user experience results in better business. Naturally.

One of the areas we've looked into is reducing thresholds and increase flow.

Structuring and grouping content

Hyper Island is constantly growing and restructure their offer to best suit the needs of their clients – students and companies.

The challenge is to make hyperisland.com reflect the current state. The focus has been improving "paths to content" – without missleading recurring users.

Creating a structured navigation.

Package services in a better way.