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Handling SVGs used to be painful

Organize, clean & transform

Handle your SVGs with Svgsus

As a designer, a noticeable amount of our time is spent trying to find suitable icons. And handling SVGs as a developer isn't easy either.

Or well, that's how it used to be.


The Story

Svgsus, our home grown baby

We wanted to build a tool that made it easy to search and manage SVGs as a designer, and that eases the process of using SVGs when developing.

It started out with a few simple prototypes. v0.1 helped us find icons when designing, v0.2 cleaned SVGs and exported code.

Design ‚ÄĒ

Easily find and use the icons you're looking for, instantly.

Develop ‚ÄĒ

Svgsus cleans the SVG and writes the code for you.


Svgsus has been featured in global media with top rankings in Mac App Store.