Kickstarting an energy startup

UX, design, prototyping & app development

Tibber is a startup within the energy sector. Compared to the big energy companies, Tibber saves you energy and money via smart technology and software that keep track of your home.

We have collaborated with Tibber from early concepting all the way to the development of two separate apps.

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From scratch to product

through concepting and prototyping

We started off by turning their initial branding platform into a UI framework.

With that foundation we built an iPhone app prototype which later evolved into the first release of their product for iOS.

A friendly touch

Illustrations were a crucial part in designing a simple and engaging UI.

We developed the concept of avatars and the ones used for the two floor house, the others has been developed by Tibber throughout the development phase.

The prototype was an actual iOS build

It gave the team and investors a good idea of what the product would become.

‚ÄĒ And then came¬†Android

We built their Android app and schooled their internal talents to handle maintenance.

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