Genova Property Group

Project TypeWebsite

Project description

Genova focus on the development of beautiful and unique residential and commercial buildings. They target people who values quality, architecture and design.

We’ve helped them design and develop both their main website and satellite sites for their upcoming projects.

Design thinking

A big part of this site is about making people want something that's not yet there. A house or an apartment that hasn't been built, which makes displaying photos and renders key.

Wireframing and prototyping

In the beginning of almost any project we create a UX concept to align all of our thoughts and get a common understanding of what the project is all about.

For us UX or Interaction Design isn't a delivery on paper. It's present throughout the entire project and goes from sketches to rapid prototyping and all the way to a release.

In the Genova project we soon found a pattern that was both structured and flexible enough to create a beautiful yet easy-to-use experience.

Satellite Site - Botanikern

Botanikern is one of Genova’s flagship projects in Uppsala, north of Stockholm. Botanikern sets a new standard for urban living. Designed by some of the most renowned architects and interior designers. Besides outstanding design, the whole project is created with sustainability and functionality in mind.

Project TypeWebsite

Design thinking

The target audience for this residential project is keen on design. Talking about the work made by the designers and architects behind the project became the main story we wanted to tell. The site also focus on the journey from someone just being interested to actually signing up for a new apartment.

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