Genova Property Group

Scandinavian architecture and design made digital

It's all about seduction

Genova focuses on the development of beautiful and unique residential and commercial buildings. They target people who value quality, architecture and design.

We've helped them design and develop both their main website and satellite sites for their upcoming projects.


The site makes people want

something that's not yet there

The house or apartment hasn't been built yet, which makes displaying photos and renders key.

Wireframing is the first step

in almost any project

In the Genova project we soon found a pattern that was both structured and flexible enough to create a beautiful yet easy-to-use experience.

UX isn't a delivery on paper

It's present throughout the project

A satellite site for Botanikern

– Genova's flagship project

Botanikern sets a new standard for urban living and was designed by some of the most renowned architects and interior designers.