Virtual Soundscape

Between the layers for Ekologiska Teatern

A 3D Sound Platform

for augmented reality

At the biological museum in Stockholm we implemented our indoor positioning platform, based on 60 Gimbal bluetooth beacons. On top of that we built a sound platform, in Unity.

A device on the visitors head

reacted to the tiniest movements

An interfaceless app running on top of the visitor's head first introduced them to what they were about to experience. Once inside the rotunda, it reacted to the tiniest head movement, creating a completely new and fascinating way of interacting with the surroundings.

60 bluetooth beacons pulsing their signals every 100 milliseconds, created a dense trilateration grid within which we positioned the user with an approximate 0.5 meter accuracy.

The museum was closed in August 2017

after being open to visitors for 124 years.