The Media Meter

Who's heard in the media?

Automized media analysis tool for RÀttviseförmedlingen

RÀttviseförmedlingen, or the Equalisters, is an equality project aiming to correct the imbalances of representation in media, culture, business and other contexts.

We designed and built a media analysis tool so that newspapers can evaluate their own journalism, when in comes to gender equality and representation of people with a non-nordic origin.

The interface was designed

to analyze large amounts of articles

We designed the interface so that it would be as easy as possible to analyze a large number of articles in one go.

It finds names automatically

and determines gender & origin

The Media Meter finds names and determines origin and gender both by comparing names to persons on Wikipedia and by searching in our own name database.

A lot of names are also places or words. To clean out the list, we compare how popular the name is to how common the word is and how populated the place is. If the name crosses the threshold we exclude it from the name results.

The results

are displayed in a simple way

The statistics both show overall results and by grouping articles in separate studies, the newspapers can monitor their progress.

A new visual style

and component library

The design for the Media Meter was created with consistency and ease-of-use as top priority.



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The Media Meter

Measuring the inequality makes it easier to do something about it.