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What started as a personal quest for a waterfront summer house turned into an API used by Hemnet.se, one of the top five most used websites in Sweden.

Hemnet is Sweden's favorite property portal where 2 million unique visitors come each week to buy, sell or dream about a new home.

You can search for your next apartment or holiday house using a number of different filters, but there was one that was missing.

We developed a GeoJSON REST API based on processed Open Street Maps data. It can return how far a set of coordinates are from a water, as well as specifying whether the water is a lake, river and sea. It also returns meta data such as the size of the water, its name, its cardinal direction and whether it is located on an island.

We're thrilled that Hemnet has implemented a "distance to water search" and we hope their users will love it.

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Photo by Jon Ottosson
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