Hemnet Köpklar

A guide through the jungle of home buying.

There's a lot to think about when buying your next home.

So many questions & decisions.

Hemnet, the number one site for home listings, made a study showing that a lot of people don't really know the process of buying an apartment or house. Yet they buy and it's most likely one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

To help people get a better understanding of what the process could look like we created "Köpklar", a digital platform on which users can test their knowledge, learn and come back when they have questions.

Visit kopklar.hemnet.se

Six chapters

along a crooked path.

The journey from starting to think about buying a new home until actually moving in can be long and bumpy.

In-context dictionary

at your finger tip.

The facts include some words that can be tricky. They're all described in the dictionary, but they also show up in their context for easy access.

Sync between devices

without entering your personal information.

The site automatically generates a username for each visitor. Instead of an id or hash, that would be hard to remember, we add two common words together – like in this case "biceps.taste". 😀

Credits: Illustrations by Dani Montesinos, Content copy by Maria Giertz and Concept tonality in association with DDB.