Soundtrack Business Showroom

Visualizing the Soundtrack of 18|89

What does a soundtrack look like?

Soundtrack Your Brand, the company behind Soundtrack Business, got the opportunity to add visuals to their audio product and asked us to help. The new restaurant concept 18|89, a fast fine pizza diner, was the venue. A large TV, three iPad Pros and a mobile companion app became our canvases.

The user journey is quite straight forward. You hear a song you like – the big screen tells you what's playing and you use the app to save it to your own Spotify account.

Past, present & future

The concept for the three iPads became the idea of past, present and future.

Tweak the mood

Music intensity can be adjusted to increase or lower the tempo.

90″ interactive artwork

A wall TV was installed to put focus on the music being played.

— “I love this song!”

The 18|89 app was integrated allowing visitors to find tracks they hear and like immediately.

All in sync

Realtime API using Firebase

Behind the scenes we developed a realtime API using Google Firebase. All the screens communicate a sync signal, letting the system know they're ready to go.

This way we were able to make the iPads function as one. When a new track begins, an animation push the previous cover art to the left, into the list of recently played tracks. At the same time the cover art of the new track is unveiled, to the right, and pushed into the center and the background color of all three updates simultaneously.

And it just works

We built a robust solution that once installed, runs on its own. Crew can focus on what they're good at, delivering great pizza.