W Hotels In-room Music Experience

A mood based playlist picker

A whole new welcome experience

Typically when you enter a hotel room anywhere in the world you get a similar experience. A nice clean room. But one that is quiet and "cold". W hotels asked us to help them change that with music, color and emotion. Their London hotel was undergoing major renovations in 2019 and became the perfect location to try out our new solution.

We designed a never before seen music interface for iPad and TV.

The door knob is the play button

On top of the hotel control system DigiValet, we built a framework for in-room music. As soon as the guest push their keycard into the door, the welcome experience starts. Music is playing and both the TV and iPad screen greets the guest with a vivid gradient liquid interface.

A music mood picker canvas

This sound machine is like no other. On a colorful canvas the guest could let their fingertip play around to find the music theme they like.

Switch to the globe to hear what’s playing at W around the planet

Besides the mood canvas the guest can switch to a second view – the globe. On this beautiful world map the guest can simply go between different W hotels and get the same music as being played there right now. Go to a early morning loction for a chill vibe or to a place where it’s currently midnight for some upbeat music for example.

Try it yourself! Book a room at W Hotels in London 😀

Visit W Hotels to make a reservation and please let us know what you thought, studio@department.se